Q: Where is Wyze Sonz Entertainment located?

A. Wyze Sonz Entertainment is in Atlanta, GA with its mailing address at: P.O. Box 141, Redan GA 30074.

Q: What is the phone number for Wyze Sonz Entertainment?

A: For Wyze Sonz Music contact, please visit our contacts page:

Q: How do I submit a demo to Wyze Sonz Music Group?

A: Wyze Sonz Entertainment and its employees do not accept, or consider, unsolicited sound recordings, musical compositions or any other creative materials.

For Wyze Sonz Entertainment’s label directors to review a demo, it must come recommended through an established music industry professional, such as a manager, lawyer, agent, producer, artist, programmer, or tastemaker. We suggest you consult with one or more of these professionals for more information.

Please note that if, despite our policy, you submit unsolicited material to us, then Wyze Sonz Entertainment has no obligation, and shall not be liable to you, or to any person claiming through you, based on such submission.

Q: Who do I contact if I am an artist or other rights holder with a question about royalty claims, processing, or administration – including issues such as updating my mailing address and contact information?

A: For answers to questions about artist or producer royalties, including how to read your royalty statement, request accounting, and update your mailing and payee information please write us through our contact page with subject heading ROYALTIES.

Q: I am a member of the press looking for a media contact. Who do I ask if have a question about a Wyze Sonz Entertainment artist, including requests for interviews, review materials, photos, videos, credentials and other assets?

A: Media questions about Wyze Sonz artists should be directed to the publicity department of the label. Use the contact page with subject heading, PUBLICITY (ARTIST NAME).

Q: Who do I contact if I’m interested in licensing a song or video from a Wyze Sonz Entertainment artist for use in my film, television, commercial, web series, radio show, podcast, multi-media project, etc.?

A: If you would like to license master recording rights from a Wyze Sonz Entertainment artist, please contact us through our website using subject heading LICENSING.

Q: Where can I find more information about Wyze Sonz Entertainment?

A: Right here, www.wyzesonz.com